Our Solution To Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs

With your major medical insurance plan, you are responsible for certain health care expenses: a deductible, co-insurance and co-payment costs. These add a significant impact on your finances, especially when emergency and unexpected health care needs arise.

An outpatient procedure can generate expenses not covered by your health plan: Perhaps you haven’t met your annual deductible. Then there’s a 20% co-insurance rate. And don’t forget the co-payments for follow-up physician care. The Deductible Eliminator can help with these costs.

Key Plan Benefits

Covered services and locations

The plan covers you virtually everywhere you go for care, including the emergency department, urgent care, your physician’s office, an inpatient hospital, outpatient facilities, diagnostic facilities and independent labs. The plan may also cover out-of-pocket costs for durable medical equipment and well-baby care, plus more. Optional coverage may be available for mental health/substance abuse services and telemedicine.

Additional details and exclusions

- No pre-existing condition exclusions
- Prescription drug charges are not covered, regardless of service location
- Additional limitations and exclusions apply; see the certificate of coverage for details



Give your provider both your primary insurance card and your Deductible Eliminator card at the time of service.


Your primary health insurer will process the claim, send you an Explanation of Benefits and send payment to your provider


The Deductible Eliminator processes the remaining balance and also sends you an Explanation of Benefits

The products may not be available in all states. All coverage is subject to availability, underwriting approval and specific state mandates. The benefits outlined here are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as a guarantee or proposal for coverage. Limitations and exclusions apply. Additional plan options are available, subject to underwriting approval.

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